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Music recorded at Burning Man from 1998 onwards! Over 2,000 sets and counting!

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Accuracy Third
A podcast collecting an oral history of Black Rock. We are looking for your very best stories from and about That Thing In The Desert.
Burner Podcast
Hosted by Arash Afshar. Burner Podcast is an independent, biweekly show featuring interviews and commentary covering Burning Man & Burner culture, people and lifestyle. New episodes are released on the first and third Wednesdays of each month.
Burner Podcast Presents: Alkaline
“The soundtrack to your Burn.” Exclusive mixes by DJs active in the Burning Man Community, Alkaline aims to capture the sound of Burning Man by taking the listener on a journey through various musical styles and genres. New sessions are released on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month.
Burning Love
What happens when you fall in love at Burning Man and try to bring it home? Burning Love is created, produced, and mixed by Alessandra Wollner, a writer, radio producer, educator and Burner living in Oakland, CA.
Into The Fire
Based in the Bay Area, host Super Suz interviews various key figures and profiles art projects. New episodes are released twice a month.